Saturday, July 28, 2012

Now thats a first.

I had the pleasure of fishing with several friends and family this past week. It had been extremely hot this week, so a stiff breeze has rolled in every evening. This has made topwater quite difficult, although I was able to boat a few barely legal sized fish. Fortunately, my guests have been kept happy on a steady diet of 14-16 inch fish on white twisty's. I had the lovebirds, Grace and Mark, out Tuesday night and they must have boated 60 fish between them. On Weds. Carters little brother, Trevor (11), had a blast bailing the little guys.

The 26

The sights of the AM

The Lovebirds

Rare Sunrise for me
I awoke before sunrise this AM, and decided to change things up a bit. The water was like glass when I left the marina at 6 am sharp. I rarely fish the morning and am always amazed how beautiful it can be. When I arrived at the shoal, there were birds everywhere and dinks slamming baitfish on the surface. I almost moved to avoid having to remove the big treble hooks from their tiny mouths. Luckily I stayed, because shortly thereafter all hell broke loose. The tide was going out and the outline of the rock pile was clearly visible on the surface, so was able to cast right into the rip. Nearly every cast resulted in a spectacular blow up and some incredible fights on the surface. My biggest was only a 26, but I also boated 6 24's, and way too many to count in the 22 inch class. Mild Bill was anchored a short distance away so I invited him to slide in and join the action. But, as is usually the case, the bite immeditely stopped. The highlight of the morning though, came just as I was about to head in. I picked up a small 18-ish fish and when she got within a few feet of the boat another fish, in the 24 inch class, slammed the plug hanging from her lip. For quite some time I had both fish on my line as the literally wrestled for the prize. I could not believe my eyes as the rolled over and over throwing up a huge splash and making more noise than a thrashing Tarpon. Looks like I may try mornings for a while. Great way to start a lazy summer day.

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