Sunday, May 20, 2012

A little river action

One of the guides I fished with in Florida was John Ochs. Big John, as he is know to his friends, is one of the top Redfish fisherman in the country. Here is a video of the trip we put together. Its not hard to pick out Big John: When we were forced into the backcountry the second day, he took some time to show me how to properly "walk the dog".  To achieve the proper cadence you have to keep slack in the line, rapidly pump the rod tip with the right hand, and slowly turn the rod handle with the left hand. This requires movements akin to making a circle on your stomach while tapping your head, something I have never been able to train my mind to do. Since it was very breezy tonight, I decided to stay close to home and put in some practice. John had suggested a faster action rod, so I tied "Papa Dogg"onto my medium action St. Croix. The wind was blowing from the NE, so I positioned the boat upriver and drifted the southern side of the Broad Creek point. It felt like I was finally getting it down when I had a nice blowup that missed. I continued practicing and soon had another blowup and this time it was "fish on". After a very nice fight, I boated a healthy looking 23 inch fish. It's nice to know the fish are up in the river. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come,

Bloody mess!!

Southern side of point at sunset

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