Sunday, October 3, 2010

Football versus fishing in the rain?

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the Ravens game, but initially turned it down. That was until my buddy informed me that we also had VIP passes to go down on the field prior to the I jumped on it. This week I was home in the cozy confines of my man cave. The wind was howling all day and it was threatening to rain, so it did not look like fishing was a possibility. At halftime of the Redskins game the wind had laid down, so I jumped on the boat to do a little fishing. My 5th cast
at "Al's Spot" netted me a ugly looking and clearly sick 18. That is when the rain started. It was coming down fairly heavy when I arrived at the "nest". It did not take long to boat another 18. At this point I was already wet, and it was actually quite peaceful on the water, so I pressed on. My next spot was "the spot". Again, it did not take long to boat a very fat 20. I have never had a blow up in Broad Creek proper, so I decided to try a few spots before heading in. My second spot was on the north shore about 100 yards downriver from the boat ramp for Broadview Estates. Ran home, showered, and was back in the man cave, with 7 minutes to go in the game, So 4 fish and a new spot in less than a half of football. Gotta love the fall.

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