Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad couple of months

Been a long time since my last post. Fishing really turned lousy towards the end of May and stayed that way all through June. I caught a lot of dinks, but not one single 18 inch keeper fish. It was really frustrating, but I kept at it. Went on a great Tarpon trip to Boca Grande FL with college friends, but my home waters really let me down. Then a routine oil change turned into a 4 week "in the shop" nightmare. Got my boat back the day before leaving on a 10 day west coast road trip with my wife and daughter. The only positive was that I was able to have a new Lowrance HDS 10 installed. We returned late last night, so I was anxious to get out tonight. Unfortunately the skies looked ominous and I almost stayed home. Did not see anything serious on radar, so I headed to Thomas Point shoal and anchored up. Tried topwater for 10 minutes or so, but it was just too rough. I switched over to my last 3 inch twisty. I immediately picked up a barely legal 18 that actually took a good bit of drag as I reeled against a windblown incoming tide. Picked up another dozen or so in the 16 inch class until the twisty was shredded. Tried the longer 5 inch twisty but could not even get a bump. Found one last yellowed 3 inch twisty at the bottom of my bag and switched over. I immediately picked up a nice 20. I don't think the bigger twisty has the right action for 4 feet of water and it never seems to work. Let's hope August will be better than the first half of summer.

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