Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nice Saturday Morning

I skipped fishing yesterday and with rain forecast for most of the weekend it looked like today would be a washout also. Woke to sunny skies and a mirror like river. Jumped on the boat around 9:30 and headed to Thomas Point. Arrived to find flat seas and a slack tide. Threw plugs for well over 2 hours as the tide began to come in. The skies from the south were looking ominous and a slight drizzle was beginning to fall. Finally I had a huge blowup on the bubba Chug Bug. The fish missed twice. I let the plug sit perfectly still for several seconds and then as I twitched it lightly the fish came back around and slammed again. Turned out to be a 29 that seemed healthy, but had quite a few wounds from going down into the rocks below. On my way in, I stopped at the pier at the mouth of Broad Creek. Had a huge blowup from above and had my first, and hopefully last, osprey of the summer. Birds are the one part of topwater I really dislike. She wrapped me around the trailer hitch of the bow and flew away with a brand new white Stillwater. I hope she is ok.

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