Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great start to fall season

Monday night I went out at 5.30 and picked up a 24 at Al's spot around 5.45 pm. Got another 18 around 6.15 near the brick pile. Had several other slams that missed. The water has cleared up a great deal with a more normal fall evening calm.

Headed out tonight at 5.45 and worked Al's Spot. Only one swirl, so I moved to point as the tide was coming in fairly strong. At 6.15 I picked up a 24 ,that seemed longer, at the point dock. Made my way back to the brick pile and had a huge slam at 6.25. The fish ran off line quickly and then was gone. It did not make much of a splash, but was definitely a big fish. Oh well. Great night.

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