Sunday, May 6, 2007

Surfs Up

The wind was really blowing today. Fished the boat ramp from 2.30 till 4.30pm and then again from 7.30 till dark. The tide was the lowest I have ever seen. Total for the day was 3WP and 1 YP.
All were caught on either Kastmaster or Rooster Tail. Plugged most of the day with no blow-ups.

I did not post for the past few days. Not much new. Fished everyday from beach and caught a lot of White Perch. I did pick up a small 15 inch Striper on Sat. (kastmaster).

Had another very big fish on Sat morning. It was big and ran line off very quickly. I tried running along shoreline to keep it from braking off, but hook popped loose. Hooks on KM were just too small. It probally was a carp, but then again, it moved quickly like a striper. No head who knows. Fun none the less. Liz and Katie joined me along with a friend from Severn for about and hour. Tried to get them to pose with the yellow perch, but they wanted nothing to do with it.

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