Thursday, May 17, 2007

100% Topwater

Ok...Topwater season has officailly started. Time to put away the Kastmaster and Rooster tails and go 100% pluggin. No more YP and dinky WP. Time for the Slams. Fished from 4.30 till 6 at the beach. It was stillwater city with no boat traffic or noisy kids. In a word..perfect. Tide was very low and still going out. Had 2 slams that both missed. Got a good look at the 2nd fish ...a big WP. Ok..if they want to play the topwater game be it.

After dinner I hit the Marina light and had several good swirls before picking up a nice 17 incher. Did not really slam..more like swiped at the plug and got caught with a hook on side. Typical foul hook fight followed.

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