Monday, April 30, 2007

I need my boat back

Donna is in Charleston picking up Katie. I hit the beach right after work. Got down about 4.15 and fished till 5.30. Same steady wind like the past few days. Blowing east and really churning up the water. Very little clarity. Picked up one WP who actually put up a fight. Plugged for most of the time. At 6 I headed over to the big Battle Lax game at Navy stadium for the Girls Severn vs St. Marys game. Severn won 7-6 great game. Grace was dropped off at the game. She won 7-6 against McDonough. She scored winning goal and got game ball. Figured I would chill and watch the Wiz game 4, when I read email from Mitch that he caught a 28 incher at my spot...Dang it. No way to get there with boat being back down to beach. The water has really laid down by now. Its a perfect topwater night to top off a nice night. Had the feeling, but NADA. I may have to drag myself out of bed for sunrise...nah.

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